the hammer is my penis. (replica) wrote in illusioncontrol,
the hammer is my penis.


One set, 96 png images. These were actually made last summer, I'm just really lazy.


Please right-click and download, thank you :)

I don't care about credit, and feel free to use these for whatever.

By the way, if you do choose to credit me, it'd be great if you could credit the community, illusioncontrol, rather than my personal journal--I don't have my icon journal linked anywhere from my personal journal. Thanks!
Tags: textures
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thank you. downloaded, will credit if used ^^
Saved and credited, thank you!
Snagged the set, thank you! Will credit when I use them.
snagged) thanks!
Downloading! Thank you! Will credit when using!
Took, will credit when used! :)
These are pretty ^^